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#19-Brannon Schell of NorCal MedTac on Medical & Defensive Training

Paramedic and emergency medicine & shooting instructor Brannon Schell of NorCal MedTac talks about emergency medicine & defensive firearm training for civilians.

He also co-hosts California Gun Talk, a radio show that airs every Wednesday from 7–9pm on KSCO and streaming live online.

Products we talked about

NorCal MedTac’s Emergency Medical Blow-Out Kit, which contains a C-A-T Tourniquet, QuikClot Combat Gauze, Regular Gauze, NPA (size 28) w/Lube, CPR Mask, and a Hyfin Chest Seal

QuickClot Combat Gauze

Oral IV electrolyte rapid rehydration fluid from Warrior Wound Care – info link buy link

Here’s an overview of NorCal MedTac’s Defensive Medicine 101 class from Zombie Tactics

#10-John Farnam Interview and Concealment Solutions Black Mamba Holster Review

Interview with John Farnam

Firearms trainer John Farnam of Defense Training International talks about defensive training, advice for new shooters & new instructors, firearms safety, every day carry, changes in gun culture, and more.

Review of Concealment Solutions Black Mamba IWB holster

Concealment Solutions owner Jason Christensen’s walk-through of the Black Mamba


#9-Defensive Rifle & Shotgun Training With John Farnam

This episode is an audio diary about the defensive urban rifle and defensive shotgun course I took with John Farnam of Defense Training International.

This episode’s Food For Thought section is "Violence Is Golden" by Jack Donovan.

And thanks to Mike Gillen for the feedback!

Egg nog reviews will be back in the next episode, I skipped them this time because I didn’t want it to get too long.

#8-Daniel Shaw/Gunfighter Cast Interview

I caught up with Daniel Shaw, host of the Gunfighter Cast podcast, at the GunDudes-hosted Massad Ayoob Group MAG-40 class in Salt Lake City, UT. In addition to having one of the best gun podcasts out there, Daniel is an active duty US Marine combat veteran who trains Marines to shoot. We talk about military vs civilian rules of engagement, the MAG-40 class, what to look for in instructors, and how to get the most out of your firearms training.

Food For Thought
Marko Kloos‘ essay, “Why The Gun Is Civilization

Kyle’s Ruger 10/22 Project

New-to-me shooting podcasts