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#22-Toby Cowern of Tread Lightly Survival on Urban Resilience

Toby Cowern of Tread Lightly Survival talks about urban resilience, emergency preparedness, urban & wilderness survival skills, and survival mindset.

Start here with Toby’s Urban Preparedness 101 video series on YouTube for 10 things you can easily do to make yourself more resilient.

#19-Brannon Schell of NorCal MedTac on Medical & Defensive Training

Paramedic and emergency medicine & shooting instructor Brannon Schell of NorCal MedTac talks about emergency medicine & defensive firearm training for civilians.

He also co-hosts California Gun Talk, a radio show that airs every Wednesday from 7–9pm on KSCO and streaming live online.

Products we talked about

NorCal MedTac’s Emergency Medical Blow-Out Kit, which contains a C-A-T Tourniquet, QuikClot Combat Gauze, Regular Gauze, NPA (size 28) w/Lube, CPR Mask, and a Hyfin Chest Seal

QuickClot Combat Gauze

Oral IV electrolyte rapid rehydration fluid from Warrior Wound Care – info link buy link

Here’s an overview of NorCal MedTac’s Defensive Medicine 101 class from Zombie Tactics

#14-Guns In New York With Chris Ruger Of Ruger’s Custom Guns

Gun store owner, gunsmith, and NRA instructor Chris Ruger of Ruger’s Custom Guns in Kingston, NY talks about buying, owning, shooting, and carrying guns in New York—one of the most restrictive states in the nation when it comes to self defense and defensive weapons of any kind.

You can reach the Rugers—both very knowledgeable and friendly people—by phone at (845) 336-7106 and by email at rugerscustom AT verizon DOT net.

#12-Ernie Hernandez Interview


I talk with Ernie Hernandez of Master At Arms Security Solutions about firearms & personal defense training. Ernie is a law enforcement, security, and tactical instructor, my NRA Training Counselor, and a retired US Marine.

Food For Thought

We have another excellent essay by Marko Kloos called The Ethics of Going Armed.


We have feedback from Chauncey in Hawaii, Judd Davis, host of The Frugal Shooter Podcast, and Jason Phelps, host of the Empty Mags Podcast.

#10-John Farnam Interview and Concealment Solutions Black Mamba Holster Review

Interview with John Farnam

Firearms trainer John Farnam of Defense Training International talks about defensive training, advice for new shooters & new instructors, firearms safety, every day carry, changes in gun culture, and more.

Review of Concealment Solutions Black Mamba IWB holster

Concealment Solutions owner Jason Christensen’s walk-through of the Black Mamba