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#18-Hunter Education & Chilling Effects of Gun Control

Almost every state in the USA requires a hunter education course to get a hunting license. This is about the basic procedure and what’s covered.

Sites you can take the online portion of the hunter ed course from:
International Hunter Education Association – Free
hunter-ed.com – $24.50
HUNTERCourse.com – $24.95

We also look at a situation in which California’s gun control laws can harm public safety (other than the obvious harm of denying people the constitutionally-protected right to carry their own rescue equipment).

Holiday season can mean only one thing on this show: egg nog reviews are back! This time I sample Southern Comfort Egg Nog.

Dear veterans: this is totally inadequate, but thank you. I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made and the honor with which you’ve made them.

Happy birthday, Marines! Thank you all. Special shouts out to Ernie, Daniel, Dave, and Ken.