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#18-Hunter Education & Chilling Effects of Gun Control

Almost every state in the USA requires a hunter education course to get a hunting license. This is about the basic procedure and what’s covered.

Sites you can take the online portion of the hunter ed course from:
International Hunter Education Association – Free
hunter-ed.com – $24.50
HUNTERCourse.com – $24.95

We also look at a situation in which California’s gun control laws can harm public safety (other than the obvious harm of denying people the constitutionally-protected right to carry their own rescue equipment).

Holiday season can mean only one thing on this show: egg nog reviews are back! This time I sample Southern Comfort Egg Nog.

Dear veterans: this is totally inadequate, but thank you. I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made and the honor with which you’ve made them.

Happy birthday, Marines! Thank you all. Special shouts out to Ernie, Daniel, Dave, and Ken.

#14-Guns In New York With Chris Ruger Of Ruger’s Custom Guns

Gun store owner, gunsmith, and NRA instructor Chris Ruger of Ruger’s Custom Guns in Kingston, NY talks about buying, owning, shooting, and carrying guns in New York—one of the most restrictive states in the nation when it comes to self defense and defensive weapons of any kind.

You can reach the Rugers—both very knowledgeable and friendly people—by phone at (845) 336-7106 and by email at rugerscustom AT verizon DOT net.