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I’m Nick Grossman. I talk about shooting, guns, and gun culture, as well as knives, emergency preparedness, and EDC (every-day carry) gear, in a way that’s hopefully accessible to new and life-long shooters alike. I also yap my trap on the Un-Named Trucker’s RoadGunner Podcast as co-host.


I take the Spider-Man approach (“with great power comes great responsibility”) to the second amendment: while the right to keep and bear arms shall indeed not be infringed, I believe we have a commensurate responsibility to become proficient in their use if we’re going exercise that right. I’ve been fortunate to train with some extremely competent instructors like Massad Ayoob, Omari Broussard, Paul Carlson, John Farnam, Ernie Hernandez, Jon Hodoway, David Maglio, Rory Miller, Jamie Onion, Alessandro Padovani, Gail Pepin, Rob Pincus, and Brannon Schell, and continue to get as much quality education as I can at both the student and instructor development levels.

One day early on, I found myself at the range being looked to to show some fellow new shooters the ropes. Not wanting to get caught out unprepared, I became an instructor for the NRA Basic Pistol course, discovered that I really like helping people learn to shoot safely & responsibly, furthered my own training, and now teach CCW, I.C.E. Training’s Intro to Hone Defense Handgun, Intro to Concealed Carry, and School Attacker Response Course, TASER, pepper spray, violence/conflict dynamics & avoidance, NRA pistol, rifle, shotgun, Personal Protection In The Home, and Personal Protection Outside The Home courses and am a Staff Instructor for the Massad Ayoob Group and a certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor. Classes are available through my training company, Bolt Defense.


With a Smith & Wesson Model 14, Stanley, ID

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  1. David Hicks

    Once again, you’ve done a great job with your Rory Miller interview. You chose the questions well and guided the interview with skill.
    Keep up the great work.

    FYI: I understand how challenging recording a podcast can be, so don’t take this as an insult….. The audio balance was a problem for me. Rory’s voice is so low that I had the radio at max volume and still couldn’t understand part of what he said. Of course, when you talked, it blew my ears off.

    • Nick

      Hi David,

      I apologize for the audio quality on that one. It was recorded through a Rube Goldberg-eqsue signal path of a cell phone on speaker to another cell phone being recorded by Google Voice, all of which mess up the signal a bit. I’ll see if I can re-process the audio to even it out a little and re-post the interview.

      I don’t take it as an insult at all–on the contrary, I appreciate you taking the time and risking the these-days-too-common irrational backlash to saying anything that’s not rainbows and unicorns. I value the honest feedback. So thanks!


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